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System Features

Gestor de filas

Queue Management System

It allows business staff to view and manage virtual lines and call their customers when they are ready to be served by an operator.



It allows customers to enter a queue on a first-come, first-served basis and by priority, if necessary. Any device with Internet connection can be used.

Whyline Desktop

Whyline Desktop

Web service to access waiting time estimates in real time, enter a queue, or make an appointment remotely.

Whyline Mobile App

Whyline Mobile App

The mobile app for iOS and Android mobile phones allows users to enter a queue, make an appointment remotely, and wait at home or at work.

Whyline Display

Whyline Display

It offers customers an overview of queues and waiting times. It works on any monitor or TV connected to the Internet.

Whyline Instalink

Whyline Instalink

It allows direct access to queues in an intuitive manner. By inserting a direct link, you will be able to connect your business’ mobile app with Whyline’s, instantly accessing the desired feature.

Sistema de Reportes

Report System

Our statistical system shows in a simple and dynamic way the number of users who entered a queue, the types of procedures, the duration of assistance, the average waiting times, the levels of efficiency, etc.



With Whyline, clients can view their place in the line, the number of people ahead and the estimated waiting time without leaving their home. When turn is due, the system will send notifications to the mobile app, and customers who do not have the app installed will receive an SMS.

100% Cloud-Based

Whyline is completely cloud-based. This allows an online system 99.99% of the time, guaranteed by scalable servers of Amazon web services in the United States.

By being hosted in the cloud, it allows flexibility to access the system from any device connected to the Internet. All of Whyline's features can be used with just a tablet or a mobile phone.

Industry Agnostic



Drastically improve customer service and operational efficiencies, reduce complaints and waiting room crowding, and gain valuable insight into customer satisfaction levels and efficiency of personnel managing the queues.

Bancos y Finanzas

Banks and Finance

Improve the customer experience and satisfaction levels, brand loyalty and increase retention rates. Our platform of discovery also leads to an influx of new customers who are unable to utilize virtual queuing capabilities at competing banks.



Improve patient satisfaction levels, boost staff productivity and morale, reduce patient complaints, improve scheduling and patient flow, and drive business improvements through data and analytics.



Recoup lost customers who are reluctant to enter the stores because of the notoriously lengthy wait times by allowing them to enter the queue remotely, and improve the efficiency of the staff to better serve customers.



More efficiently manage wait-list and walk-in appointments, and improve the customer flow by turning over more tables per night. Happier diners are also more likely to build brand loyalty and will also lead to an influx of new customers who would not otherwise have known about the ability to enter the queue virtually.



Helps to increase the amount of time customers spend shopping by allowing them to reserve a spot in the checkout line remotely. More relaxed customers are also more likely to increase their willingness to spend per visit.

Educación & Cultura

Education and Arts

Helps free up student’s time by allowing them to wait in line remotely for things like class registration, textbook purchases, etc. For the arts, reducing the length of your queues requires fewer staff to manage customers.



Allows nightclubs and bars to manage the queue virtually, thereby spreading foot traffic move evenly throughout the night and creating increased brand loyalty towards your establishment for patrons who otherwise would be reluctant to wait on the long queue outside the door.



Barbershops and nail salons can spread out appointment scheduling more easily throughout the day, while simultaneously decreasing congestion levels in the waiting room.

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